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Insulation is not necessarily at the front of our minds all the time and with good reason. Proper insulation in Winter Haven is meant to be behind the scenes, making our homes more efficient and leading to more comfortable living and working. That is what Spray Pro Insulation can offer you.

Spray foam insulation has become the single most popular choice for new insulation in Winter Haven. There are a lot of advantages to be had by going this route. Let’s take a look at why you should be going with spray foam insulation in Winter Haven for your next insulation.

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The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Winter Haven

Perhaps you have come to a point where the old insulation isn’t cutting it. Whether that is fiberglass insulation or another type, making the move to spray foam insulation can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of spray foam insulation in Winter Haven. Before long, you will be ready to make the change to something better.

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Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Let’s first start with the two main types of spray foam insulation: open and closed cell. Knowing the difference can allow you to make the proper choice for crawl space insulation, basement insulation, attic insulation, metal building insulation, rim joint insulation, BATT insulation, and more.

  • Open cell foam insulation: As the name implies, the cells that comprise open cell foam insulation are left open. This results in a lower R-value which makes it more flexible and softer to the touch. That improved flexibility can be invaluable in tight spaces where reaching every nook and cranny might be a bit more difficult. This is also the cheaper of the two insulation types.

  • Closed cell foam insulation: Close cell foam insulation also has a quite literal name. The cells in this typo of insulation in Winter Haven are closed, which gives the foam a greater rigidity. If the property in question could use increased structural integrity to ceilings and walls, then closed cell foam insulation would be the way to go. The costs are a little higher, but the durability and rigidity are much better than open cell foam insulation.

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Energy Savings

Perhaps the biggest reason to make a change to your insulation in Winter Haven is due to energy efficiency. The best insulation out there creates what is known as a vapor barrier. This prevents air from being able to flow into and outside of the house at will.

When that happens, it can cause your HVAC system to work quite a bit harder in order to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. On top of that, the air quality can be impacted when contaminants are allowed to enter the building.

For this reason, spray foam insulation in Winter Haven would be ideal for a number of scenarios: crawl space insulation, metal building insulation, attic insulation, and basement insulation in particular. It can also help with rim joint insulation.

If you have been thinking that your energy bills look a little high, changing to a spray foam insulation may be the way to go.

Thermal Performance

Insulation needs to be able to deflect the UV rays that the sun gives off. Older, worn down insulation won’t be quite as thick and tends to have a lower R-value (which is a measure of thermal resistance). So, instead of bouncing those UV rays away, that insulation would absorb it and allow it to pass into the building.

Insulation in Winter Haven is important because it can get quite hot in Florida. An insulation with a higher R-value would be necessary to deflect some of those UV rays away that would otherwise cause the building to heat up.

Spray foam insulation in Winter Haven that comes with a better R-value tends to have superior thermal performance. The higher the resistance value, the better the insulating properties in question are going to be.

Generally speaking, R-values range anywhere from 3.5 to 7 per inch of thickness. Spray foam provides just as much in terms of energy savings as other insulation with half the amount of space required.

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Call the Pros for Insulation Removal

Before anything can happen with your new insulation in Winter Haven, having the old insulation removed is important. It is also imperative to remember that insulation removal should be addressed by the pros.

There are a lot of potential issues at play when it comes to improper removal of old insulation. Lacking proper safety equipment, for instance, can lead to any number of negative health impacts. Respiratory issues are among the worst of it, but general irritation can occur if the skin comes in contact with insulation.

For this reason and more, it is important that you let a pro handle the removal of your insulation in Winter Haven. Our team has all the necessary protective equipment, as well as the expertise and experience, to ensure that the job is done properly.

But the removal of your old insulation is just a part of the process. The other part of professional insulation removal entails the disposal. Insulation is not something that can be simply tossed into the trash to be taken away by local trash collection agencies.

Insulation in Winter Haven must be disposed of in a proper way. There are environmental regulations that must be met in the disposal process; failing to do so can lead to serious penalty. Let us handle that removal for you.

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There are a lot of options out there to choose from when it comes to insulation in Winter Haven, but no one can hold a candle to Spray Pro Insulation. Our team has the expertise, tools, and knowledge to get the job done the right way from the start.

If you feel like your home or place of business needs a change of insulation, call us today. A quick consultation and you can be on your way to the proper insulation for your property.