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Your professional insulation contractors in Plant City

We offer various insulation solutions for homeowners and businesses. Serving Plant City, Florida.

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The entire Spray Pro Foam team welcomes you! All across Florida, we have been delivering professional, knowledgeable, and friendly insulation services to businesses and homeowners for years. Our success, thanks to our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, has allowed our company to widen our service range. We now offer all our insulation services in Plant City, FL.

We constantly strive to produce the highest quality work for Florida’s residents and our long track record speaks for itself. Our trained and certified staff, using the best possible materials, can safely and precisely upgrade your Plant City home’s or business’ insulation by using top tier spray foam.

Our expert services can improve the insulation of every part of your Plant City home or business. We have the necessary skills and experience to tackle building envelopes, attics, crawl spaces, as each of these areas require slightly different approaches and materials. Also, we can protect your building, and its insulation system, by applying coatings to protect exteriors and spray foam to strengthen walls.

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Spray Foam Insulation vs. Fiberglass

It’s estimated that 85% of American homes are insulated with traditional fiberglass insulation. That means that 85% of American homeowners have inefficient, unnecessarily costly buildings, with regards to energy loss and air leakage from the use of an inferior material.

Spray Pro Foam is here to help residents of Plant City, and throughout the Lakeland, FL region, through a spray foam insulation upgrade. To see how much better spray foam insulation is when compared to traditional fiberglass insulation, we have put together this overview chart.

Fiberglass Insulation Spray Foam Insulation
How it Works – Tiny glass fibers trap air, slowing heat transfer. Open Cell – mainly an air barrier. Closed Cell - air, moisture, and vapor shield.
Cost – Around $0.40 per square foot. Around $0.90 - $1.50 per board foot.
Air Leakage – Yes. Very minimal with open cell. No with closed cell.
Energy Efficiency – Less efficient; 30 – 40%energy loss. Significantly more efficient due to air tight sealing and superior insulation.
Extreme Cold – Loses heat quickly. No performance changes.
R-Value – 2.2 per inch, brand new. Fiberglass loses R-value over time. Open Cell: 3.5 per inch. Close Cell: 6-7 per inch. Do not lose R-value over time.
Lifetime – 10-25 years if the material stays dry. 80+ years.
Benefits – Low cost installation. Stops air, moisture, allergens, and pests. Strengthens structure and alleviates wear of HVAC equipment.
Flammability – Potentially, due to paper on batts. Yes – Require a fire rated barrier, like drywall. Most closed cell foams come with fire retardants.
Sound Barrier – Very Low Extremely High
Structural Integrity – None added Yes. Closed cell adds up to 250% racking strength to walls and roof

All in all, the upfront costs to maximize the functionality of your Plant City home or business with spray foam insulation can be 2-3 times as traditional fiberglass. But, you get complete sealing, superior insulating that exceeds national standards, and offsetting of the initial payment in 5 years, on average.

Plus, our Spray Pro Foam team of knowledgeable installers will perform their discussed strategy perfectly, allowing for the benefits to shine through within minutes. It only takes that long for the blown material to fully cure. Once complete and aired out, your structure’s spaces become fully conditioned with a material that lasts a lifetime.

More and more contractors and homeowners are coming around to this revolutionary insulating material – spray foam insulation for optimizing Plant City homes and businesses.

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Crawl Space Insulation for Plant City Homes

Basements and crawlspaces are notorious for air leakage, and cold air, allergen, pest, and moisture infiltration. To address all of these issues simultaneously, we at Spray Pro Foam can apply just one coat or spray foam insulation around the perimeter and underneath your Plant City home or business.

Traditional fiberglass doesn’t provide any type of seal, due to the material itself, as well as the many sizes and shapes of holes cut to allow for your HVAC system’s ducting to be ran up and elsewhere throughout the structure. Also, the rigging used to hold the fiberglass in place can crush, indent, or displace the insulation and, it can absorb moisture. As more moisture is absorbed, the fiberglass insulation can sag or fall out of place, creating a breeding ground for pests.

Closed Cell spray foam insulation in your Plant City sub-spaces is the only material able to achieve a complete seal, thermal, moisture, and harmful vapor barriers. Our skilled, certified team will apply the polyurethane spray foam to the sill plate, around the rim joist and in between each floor joist – the entire perimeter of your foundation and more – thereby eliminating issues from the “stack effect” also.

And a more consistent, uniform thermal barrier that applies “stack effect” mitigating functionality spells even less strain on your building’s systems and more savings on energy costs.

Crawl Space Insulation Plant City FL

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Spray Pro Foam is Florida’s premier contractor of all forms of expanding spray foam insulation and polyurea coatings. Our dedicated team has been providing exceptional services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients – all across the Lakeland area – for many years. And we’re excited to be able to bring our exceptional insulation services to Plant City, FL as well.

Our knowledgeable crew is more than able to take into account all the factors regarding where and how our spray foam insulation should be used, as well as age, location, and environmental considerations.

Our company can install the appropriate material within all structure types, including attics, crawlspaces, and walls. We will even handle the removal and transport of your old insulation from your property.

Wherever you are in the greater Hillsborough County region, our spray foam insulation experts will schedule an evaluation per your availability, create an understandable and detailed estimate, and determine a solid plan for action – one that perfectly meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

If you are looking to upgrade your building’s insulation, look no further. Call or email the Spray Pro Foam office today for a risk-free estimate!