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Your professional insulation contractors in Lutz, FL

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Insulation Lutz, Florida

Did you know that about 40% of your home’s energy loss is attributed to air leakage through cracks, gaps, and holes in the building structure? Without proper insulation, you’ll lose money in sky-high energy bills and put your family at risk of diseases from airborne pollutants and mold. Keeping your home or commercial building airtight doesn’t have to be a puzzle – working with a professional spray foam contractor will resolve your insulation issues. At Spray Pro Insulation, we deal with everything spray foam insulation in Lutz and other areas in Hillsborough County. We will handle all your insulation needs to eliminate drafts and make your building more comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthier.

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Spray Foam Insulation in Lutz, FL

When you need insulation for your home or commercial building, it’s important to work with a contractor that understands your needs. At Spray Pro Insulation, we handle residential and commercial spray foam insulation projects to seal your building from air and moisture intrusion.

Spray foam is the best material for insulating your home against heat loss. Its higher R-value means better energy efficiency for your building and better climate control. With less material than any other type of commercial insulation material, sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) can provide insulation and protection to any residential, commercial, and industrial building.

Spray foam insulation in Lutz reduces air and moisture infiltration, thus curbing mold and mildew in your home. Installing SPF also eliminates drafts that create warm and cold zones in your home. Ultimately, an SPF system ensures your air conditioning doesn’t work harder than it should, keeping your monthly utility bills down.

Spray Foam Insulation Lutz FL
Pole Barn Insulation Lutz FL

Pole Barn and Metal Building Insulation in Lutz, FL

In addition to homes, spray foam is a great insulating material for commercial metal buildings and pole barns. Such structures tend to conduct heat, which is bad for energy efficiency. Worse yet, metal buildings and pole barns are prone to moisture buildup through condensation.

Our spray foam contractors are experienced at metal building and pole barn insulation and can help stop the condensation cycle. By curbing condensation, you eliminate the environment for mold, mildew, and rust, which could cause costly damage to your building.

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We Offer Open-cell and Closed-cell Foam Insulation

Spray foam does more than insulate your home or building – it may also strengthen your structure. However, you’ll have to use the right density of spray foam for the job. In addition to creating an air barrier, open cell spray foam can noise-proof your building. At Spray Pro Insulation, we can help you choose the right type of spray foam for the job.

Homeowners in Lutz looking to reinforce the walls of their homes can take advantage of closed cell foam insulation qualities. This type of spray foam is denser, more rigid, and more stable than open cell foam due to the completely closed cells that make up the foam.

At Spray Pro Insulation, we use closed cell foam insulation in Lutz to add to the structural strength and resistance of your building. Using it to reinforce studs and exterior wall sheathing can help your house withstand hurricanes and strong winds better.

In addition to insulation, open cell foam insulation is a great option for reducing noise infiltration into a building. Since it is a softer, more flexible material that expands so much after application, open cell foam is excellent for soundproofing when applied between studs.

Attic Insulation in Lutz, FL

While it is routine and code-compliant to ventilate attics and basements, doing so allows air to bring pollutants and moisture into the home. Ventilating also allows air-conditioned air to escape and insects to enter through the vents.

Attic insulation prevents heat radiation through the roof, which would necessitate your HVAC to work harder to cool the hot air in your home. Our Lutz insulation contractors expertly seal off air infiltration in your attic space by applying spray foam between the joists, at the gable wall ends, around the rim joists, and soffit boards.

Generally, attic insulation offers benefits such as:

  • Reducing heat gain or loss through the ducts
  • Keeping the roof airtight
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing energy costs

Due to moisture buildup, uninsulated basements often get moldy and smelly. Insulating your basement using sprayed polyurethane foam corrects the temperature difference between the air in the house and the basement walls.

We use closed cell foam insulation to create a protective barrier in your basement walls. Using this type of insulation prevents moisture diffusion from the damp concrete to the inside of your basement. Our contractors diagnose water-entry problems before applying insulation to create a moisture barrier.

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Crawl Space Insulation in Lutz

While many homeowners use batt insulation to prevent air infiltration and moisture buildup in the crawl spaces of their homes, the truth is that it doesn’t excel at curbing airflow in your home. Contaminated, cold air still finds its way into the house, while warm air escapes through the crawl spaces.

The only way to create an effective thermal, air, and vapor barrier is by applying spray foam insulation on the surfaces of the crawl space. Spray foam also eliminates floor insulation problems as it fills open spaces and voids under the floor.

Unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam fills any open webs of full trusses, creating a uniform thermal barrier in the crawl spaces. The “self-flashing” property of spray foam means that it fills the areas around the plumbing and wiring, preventing air infiltration and exfiltration through the crawl spaces in your home.

Crawl Space Insulation Lutz FL
Insulation Removal Lutz FL

Lutz Insulation Removal

Spray foam is a durable insulation material. However, it isn’t made to last forever. Water, fire, or pest infestation in your attic can result in extensive damage to your insulation. Old insulation is ineffective at keeping your home energy efficient, while pest-infested and damaged insulation could promote mold growth and create an unhealthy home environment.

Removing old and damaged insulation is the only way to ensure your home remains energy efficient, but it is essential that you leave insulation removal to experts. Our Lutz insulation contractors use protective gear and observe safety measures to remove insulation to avoid stirring up dust and fecal matter, which could be a health hazard.

After insulation, we clean and dispose of the old insulation to leave your home clean and ready to apply new spray foam insulation.

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Spray Pro Insulation specializes in everything insulation in Lutz, FL and can handle any of your insulation needs. Whether a first-time installation or replacement, we have what it takes to make your home or commercial building comfortable and energy-efficient. Call us to speak to our contractors and request a free estimate today.