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Insulation Davenport, FL

At Spray Pro Insulation we want to extend our services to all the residents of Polk County, Davenport. Though there are different types of insulations, spray foam is one of the best. It has several advantages including a high R-value and it is the only insulation that is capable of creating a complete air seal. If you are considering installing spray foam insulation in Davenport, you have made the right choice!

Read on more to find out if you can use spray foam in all areas within a building, if DIY insulation is a good choice, and more.

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Spray Foam Insulation Davenport, FL

Spray foam insulation in Davenport can be used almost anywhere within a building structure however there are a few places that it should be avoided or installed with caution. These are as follows:

  • Near ceiling light boxes: Spray foam insulation in Davenport, FL should always be avoided in your ceiling light boxes because too much heat can be generated by the lights and this could pose the risk of fire. Always contact your professional insulation contractor before you plan on installing foam insulation in this area even if the lights are fire rated.

  • Near electrical boxes: Foam insulation should also be avoided between an electrical box and the outside wall. Foam insulation is sticky and it can easily enter an electrical box and damage all the parts inside. This could also cause the risk of fire. To be on the safe side, use low expanding foam in this region.

  • If you have skin diseases or respiratory illnesses: Since foam insulation in Davenport contains highly reactive isocyanates, it may aggravate breathing problems or respiratory illnesses. If you suffer from these problems it is best to avoid spray foam insulation.

  • In tight spaces: Always use injection foam instead of spray foam insulation in tight cavity spaces because it expands too quickly. You may always take the advice of your insulation contractor should you have any doubts.

Spray Foam Insulation Davenport FL

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Metal Building Insulation Davenport, FL

Metal is a good option to use especially in commercial buildings and applications like commercial cold storage, piping, plumbing and other uses. It is economical and can be easily maintained. If you want to insulate your commercial space with spray foam insulation in Davenport, you may be wondering if foam insulation can be used on metal.

Insulation is important to use in a metal building because metal is a good conductor of heat. Thus the building will be hot in the summer and cool in the winter. You should be aware that if you use low-grade insulation, it may rust your building but good quality spray foam insulation products inDavenport will not cause any damage.

A good insulation contractor will take precautions when installing foam. When it comes to spray foam and metal buildings, a reaction can take place due to condensation. Since it is sprayed at a high temperature, water vapor can easily condense and get trapped.

A contractor will follow either a technique called flashing which is doing a short pass of spray foam on the metal substrate or they may wipe it down properly and then install spray foam. It is very important to use good quality spray foam to protect the building from harsh weather conditions, insects, and pests and also to regulate the temperature in the building.

Is DIY Spray Foam Insulation a Good Option?

  • Spray foam can readily stick to anything, making it difficult to remove where you don’t want it.  You must be totally certain of the location where you wish to spray the substance.  Wearing protective clothing such as a hooded suit, facemask, gloves, and eye protection is required and we keep this in mind.

  • If you have never used a DIY foam insulation kit before, it is quite difficult to predict how the foam will respond. The response of the foam is particularly challenging to estimate once it meets the surface and begins to cure.

  • Spray foam insulation needs to be mixed well and with the right consistency. If it is too wet it will not adhere well and if it is too sticky it will be problematic too. Another issue is that the entire mixture could spoil inside the tank if the canisters are not connected properly. This would end up being a waste of resources.

  • If you have never used a spray foam insulation product before, you may end up spraying too much because you may want to maintain the respective R- values. However, you may not be aware of issues like moisture, ventilation, and air leakage which a good spray foam insulation contractor in Davenport will take care of. Additionally, spray foam insulation can be installed only if your old insulation is completely removed. If you need insulation removal services, it will be best to hire an insulation contractor.

Remember that spray foam insulation in Davenport for DIY projects are ideal only for small areas like around windows and doors and it will be easier only if you are an experienced handyman. Otherwise, it is best to hire a professional for the job.

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