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Your professional insulation contractors in Land O’ Lakes

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Welcome to Spray Pro Insulation. In addition to areas like Lakeland, Tampa and Sarasota, our company extends our insulation services to the residents and businesses of Land O’Lakes. Our team has decades of combined experience and knowledgeable in installing insulation in homes, pole barns, sports arenas and more.

We’ve compiled some useful information here on our website for our customers. One thing we get asked about a lot is R-value. So, let’s take a look at what R-value is in addition to the safety of spray foam, how to hire an insulation contractor and more.

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What is R-value?

A material’s R-value describes how well it can endure heat. This implies that neither heat from inside a building nor heat from the outside will be able to pass through the material. Depending on the insulating material, the R-value may differ. For instance, loose cellulose has an R-value of R-3.1 to R-3.8 per inch whereas blown-in fiberglass has an R-value of R-2.2 to R-2.9 per inch.

Spray foam insulation in Land O’Lakes offers a higher R-value than other types of insulation. The R-value of open cell spray foam insulation is R-3.7 per inch, while the R-value of closed cell spray foam insulation goes up to R-7 per inch.

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Is spray foam insulation safe?

Spray foam insulation is considered to be toxic because of “off-gassing” which refers to the toxic fumes that are given out during the installation process. It is true that spray foam off-gases to an extent because of the presence of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds that is present in the isocyanates.

These toxic fumes can cause lung problems, respiratory diseases, and irritation in your nose and throat. This is why you are asked to leave your home or commercial space for the time that foam insulation is being installed. However, spray foam insulation in Land O’ Lakes is considered to be safe once it is fully cured because then it will stop off-gassing.

Foam insulation should always be installed by a professional insulation contractor otherwise if it is not installed properly it may continue to give off toxic gases. It needs to be handled with care and the area needs to be ventilated properly.

A common question that is often asked is whether spray foam insulation in Land O’Lakes can be used in areas that have mold. When foam insulation is sprayed in the attic, basement, crawlspace, and other areas, it prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

However, if you already have mold or mildew in your home, then you will need to take care of the problem first. Foam insulation cannot be sprayed over mold or rotting areas because it will not solve the problem. In fact, it will only cover the mold and your building structure will only disintegrate. Thus, when you decide to install spray foam insulation in your residence or commercial space, make sure that the substrate is clean.

Protective Equipment for Insulation Contractors

When employing spray foam insulation in Land O’Lakes, all professionals exercise caution and adhere to safety regulations. It is very important to make sure that foam insulation is installed correctly. Only when spray foam insulation is placed correctly and with the proper tools is it safe. The following safety equipment is used by insulation contractors.

  • Skin protection: Sometimes spray foam will splash when it is being sprayed. Spray foam insulation contractors safeguard themselves by wearing a complete body suit. Bodysuits completely cover the body and shield it from harmful substances. The ideal bodysuit for use as protective clothing is typically disposable and composed of a material that is resistant to chemicals.

  • Eye protection: Our insulation contractors wear safety goggles or eye gear when working with spray foam insulation in Land O’Lakes. Eye protection is very important because other than the spray foam, dust and vapors can enter the ice and cause irritation as well.

  • Gloves: Gloves are available in different sizes and materials and the most common ones that are used in the spray foam industrial are fabric jobs, PVC gloves, and futile rubber gloves.

  • Air respirators: Air respirators including APRs or Air Purifying Respirators and SAR Supplied Air Respirators are used by our team. Respirators are important because they supply fresh and clean air when installing foam insulation.

Other tools that spray foam insulation contractors use are hard hats, spray foam rigs, and industrial spray guns. Once we complete the job, all extra waste materials are removed and old insulation is properly disposed of.

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How to Hire an Insulation Contractor

Hiring the right person to do the job is of crucial importance. Here are some of the best ways to look for the right insulation contractor in Land O’ Lakes.

  • Request quotes from at least four or five different contractors. You may then get a basic understanding of what each one is selling. Once you are comfortable working with a contractor, go ahead and contact them for the contract.
  • Always look for a reputable contractor through a recommendation. Most often friends and family members will provide the best recommendations. This helps to build trust.
  • Request reviews and recommendations at all times. The majority of reputable insulation contractors have websites with reviews.
  • Hire a local company. You can always get in touch with the insulation contractor right away if something goes wrong with your spray foam insulation project in Land O’ Lakes.
  • Get a warranty- A warranty is important to get just in case. Most good spray foam insulation contractors in Land O’ Lakes.

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Your safety is ensured when you hire Spray Pro Insulation to install your insulation in Land O’Lakes.

All our team members have years of experience and are licensed in the residential, commercial and agricultural insulation applications. Before installing spray foam insulation in Land O’Lakes, we know how to set up the job site and use the appropriate tools and equipment. Give us a call today with any questions and to get a free estimate.