The Professionals in Spray Foam Insulation

The Professionals in Spray Foam Insulation

Providing various spray foam insulation solutions for homeowners. Serving Central Florida, Tampa and Sarasota.

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Spray Foam Insulation For Florida Homes

Here at Spray Pro Insulation, LLC., we offer spray foam insulation for Lakeland residents and business owners; we also cover all of Polk County, Hillsborough County, and many of the surrounding areas. We value our customers in the local area, who we consider to be our community neighbors, and we pride ourselves in providing insulation services throughout the local area.

Spray Foam Insulation

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About Our Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation is an innovative method to seal walls, floors, joists, and more. We offer our services in Lakeland and the surrounding areas for attics, crawl spaces, and other vulnerable areas of your home.

The secret to the success of spray foam are the materials isocyanate and polyol resin. These materials together react and expand more than 30 times their original volume. Spray foam is entirely safe and reliable. In fact, not only does spray foam ensure a reliable air seal for your property, but it should also last for more than 50 years.

About Our Spray Foam

Closed-Cell Foam vs. Open Cell Foam: Which is better?

We offer both closed-cell spray foam and open-cell insulation in Lakeland and the surrounding cities (including all of Polk County and Hillsborough County). One may be preferable for you based upon your budget, needs, and personal preference.

  • Closed-Cell Foam
    The cells are entirely sealed and closed with closed-cell spray foam. This is because a special gas is added that helps the foam expand and fill all spaces. Due to the sealed nature of closed-cell spray foam, this method provides greater benefits, including improved noise control and water and moisture resistance. However, since closed-cell foam does not expand as much as open-cell foam, it requires more material.

  • Open-Cell Foam
    Open-cell foam, as the name suggests, has open cells that allow for air and water infiltration. This form of spray foam may be recommended for areas of your property that have a low risk of water damage. However, this may not be an ideal solution for areas where water and moisture exposure is much higher. When used appropriately, open-cell foam can help save you money while still maintaining the attractive qualities spray foam offers.

Closed-Cell Foam

Spray Foam Insulation vs. Alternative Insulation Options

Spray foam is often compared with alternative insulation solutions such as fiberglass insulation. The benefits include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better noise control
  • Reduced risk of pests
  • Long-term durability

The drawback to spray foam is that the initial cost is higher. However, much of the cost (or, in some cases, all of the cost) is returned through energy savings, less need for ongoing maintenance, and an overall longer lifespan.

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Spray foam is a great way to ensure long-term protection for your crawl space and attic. Our team has years of experience with insulation services in Polk County, Hillsborough County, and most of the surrounding areas. If you have questions and/or are ready to get started, call us today.