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Your professional insulation contractors in Lakeland

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Spray foam has fast become the go-to material in the insulation industry, and for a good reason: it is the perfect insulation material for creating truly comfortable and energy-efficient homes. Spray foam perfectly fills gaps and adheres to any material, making it ideal for sealing your building from air infiltration. Spray Pro Insulation serves residents of Lakeland, Florida, and other areas in Polk County by handling all their insulation needs. Our Lakeland spray foam insulation services guarantee financial savings and a healthy indoor environment in your home.


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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Spray polyurethane foam has superior insulating properties to most other materials. Its R-value per inch is greater than fiberglass, cellulose, or batt insulation, meaning it forms a more effective air and vapor barrier. Further, SPF ensures that your home or building remains energy-efficient by preventing conduction, convection, and radiation of heat.

Installing spray foam insulation in your home or commercial building is safe – it doesn’t release any harmful particles into the air. What’s more, spray foam insulation doesn’t off-gas, and you don’t have to worry about indoor air contamination in your home.

SPF is a near-perfect insulation material: it performs better and offers more value than other insulation materials. With a greater R-value per inch than other materials, you will need less spray foam to achieve the recommended R-38 for your home.

Like any other insulation material, spray foam is prone to damage by water, fire, or insect infestation. In ideal circumstances, however, SPF outlasts most insulation materials, making it a great investment for your home.

In addition to preventing air infiltration and moisture intrusion in your home, closed cell spray foam adds to the structural strength of the walls when installed between wall studs. Open cell foam insulation can also make your home a quieter space when installed in wall cavities.


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Attic Insulation in Lakeland

Uninsulated attic spaces are culprits of heat loss and air infiltration during winter and summer. The attic accounts for about 85% of all the heat lost by your home. Without proper attic insulation, you’ll continue to foot sky-high utility bills.

Our Lakeland insulation contractors ensure that your attic is sealed by insulating through the traditional vented attic (Building Science). For traditional vented attic settings, we only apply spray foam insulation on the attic floor to insulate the ceiling from the seasonal heat or cold. The rest of the attic is left uninsulated.

For non-vented attics, we insulate the entire attic space by applying spray foam between the floor joists, gable wall ends, and the underside of the roof deck. Doing so makes your attic a “conditioned space” and prevents the heat that radiates through the roof from reaching your living room space.


Attic insulation eliminates energy loss through ducts located in the attic. It also prevents air infiltration and exfiltration and ensures that no moisture is pulled into the attic space. With our Lakeland spray foam insulation services, you can better control the temperature in the attic and reduce energy consumption.

Insulating your attic with spray foam can have benefits such as:

  • Reduced heat loss and gain from ducts.
  • Reduced air infiltration through the roof.
  • Better air quality in your home’s living room.
  • Reduced energy costs.

Basement and Rim Joist Insulation in Lakeland

It isn’t uncommon to experience the diffusion of moisture from damp concrete to the inside of the basement. That is especially the case for basements with brick-and-mortar walls. Your best bet would be to install closed cell foam insulation if you want to seal any cracks and crevices and create a vapor barrier in your basement.

Our spray foam contractors offer ingenious basement insulation solutions by framing your basement walls and leaving a gap between the stud and concrete wall, which is then filled with spray foam. SPF insulation prevents water seepage and makes your basement a more comfortable space.

Rim joist insulation also plays a vital role in improving your basement’s comfort and home’s energy efficiency. If left uninsulated, rim joists could allow the intrusion of hot and cold air into the basement. Worse still, dust, allergens, mold spores, and pests could find a way into your home.


Applying SPF prevents the formation of condensation on the rim joists, protecting your home from possible mold and rot. Insulating your basement and rim joists also curbs air leakage that creates cold drafts and reduces energy efficiency.


Crawl Space Insulation in Lakeland

Unfinished crawl space can be a hotbed of mold and mildew, pest infestation, and wood rot. Such crawl space issues can lead to odors, poor indoor air quality, and increased heating and cooling costs. Further, poor ventilation might lead to moisture issues in your uninsulated crawl space.

Installing closed cell spray foam insulation creates a vapor barrier to resolve moisture problems in your crawl space. If you already have fiberglass insulation, replacing it with SPF insulation will help you save money on energy bills and keep indoor air clean.

Pole Barn and Metal Building Insulation in Lakeland

Spray foam is popular in metal building and pole barn insulation for the following reasons:

  • It offers temperature and moisture control.
  • It prevents pest infestation.
  • It strengthens structures.

Whether a barn or a garage, you want to work in a comfortable structure free of moisture or pest issues. Closed cell SPF insulation creates a watertight seal that keeps the inside of your pole barn or metal building dry. Spray foam insulation also helps protect metal sidings and equipment stored in the building against rust.


Professional Lakeland Insulation Removal

Over time, your spray foam insulation’s quality might deteriorate due to damage by pests or water. If you experience different temperature zones and increased energy costs, it could be a sign that you need new insulation.

Professional Lakeland insulation contractors use the right tools and protective equipment to safely remove your old insulation and avoid spreading contaminants in your home. What’s more, they ensure that the old insulation is disposed of in line with state requirements.

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Installing spray foam insulation is a huge investment; you want it done right the first time. At Spray Pro Insulation, we offer spray foam insulation services to ensure that your home or commercial building is comfortable and energy-efficient. If you’re ready to resolve your insulation problems, call us today to speak to our Lakeland insulation contractors about a building inspection or to request a free estimate.